Book Reviews

Baby Lauren and Theodore

In her literary debut, author Deborah Sherrell has triumphed. She has crafted a touching love story, full of innocence and heart, mystery and tragedy, and one walloping twist that will certainly have readers talking…Like all good children’s books, there’s more to it than meets the child’s eye…If you love a child and would like to encourage that child to love nature, this is an excellent reader to buy.”  ~ Belma Johnson. HGTV host, producer, and author of an environmental book for adults, “Easy Green.”

This prescient and beautiful book…will awaken children to the importance of nature and taking care of the Earth.” ~Elizabeth Saas, Editor of the Southern Sierran.

Theodore is the tree next door…and an excellent example of a sugar maple…The information is effectively adapted to a preschooler’s level of understanding...” ~Kathy Carey, Co-editor of Montessori Life, Issue 3, 2008

Baby Lauren and Theodore inspires us to respect and embrace an ever-changing life and encourages us to live in harmony with all living things. This delightful story is sure to touch your heart and speak to you in a very special way.” ~ Adele Marie Luttrell, Family Therapist/Author of the children’s books “Why Me?” and “What’s Wrong With Our Mom?”

Just like a tree has many rings, this book has many layers…It took fifteen years for this book to germinate, and it was worth the wait. I highly recommend this book for children, ages 4-12.” ~ Deborah Turner, Publisher–Natural Awakenings Rockland and Orange.

Every school should own a copy of ‘Baby Lauren and Theodore.’“~Sister Clarice, elementary school teacher, Los Angeles, CA.