Children delight in how Deborah makes Baby Lauren and Theodore come alive during her engaging book reading sessions! Students are given an opportunity to hear the story in a fun and educational manner as she involves them in an interactive way. The story, inspired by her daughter Lauren, is based in part on true life events.  Most notable are the vibrant colors of blue and green, which provide an artistic backdrop for the important life lessons which are imparted to the reader. Being a story about friendship, love, loss and renewed hope, Baby Lauren and Theodore has been described as a classic tale that is both heartwarming and instructional.

Meeting an author in person may have a profoundly positive impact on children and should be encouraged. Deborah believes firmly that “Knowledge is Power,” and the only way we as a society can heal social ills is through education. That is why her personal goal is “to write books that heal, instruct and inspire.” She also believes that a good foundation is established when learning is fun.   As such, playful and creative elements have been woven into the story.  Being careful not to talk down to her three daughters while raising them, this book is illustrative of that fact featuring a free thinking main character– Baby Lauren.

 About Deborah’s Program:

For younger children, immediately following the story,  she generally brings seed pods, seeds and a germinating tree complete with a root system to illustrate how trees regenerate on a kid-friendly level.  Often schools prefer to schedule an additional activity around the book, such as an optional art project Deborah created that cements the concepts of the three R’s: reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Each book reading session is between 15-20 minutes.  Additional time is required for the art project, if desired.

For older audiences, some of the underlying messages and concepts of the book may be discussed. A question and answer period is encouraged. Deborah always imparts her enthusiasm for writing and promote journaling and reading, as she realizes many students may want to become a future author.  She also speaks about different modes of publishing a book, when asked.


Fundraising opportunities are available upon request.